Côté, the original designer of the quick-coupling mechanism, is the only company that allows your truck to revert to its original configuration. Once decoupled, the AR9000 harness is the only one that doesn't require you to tip the quick-coupling plate when you need to open the hood. You can tip your hood with no additional operation, just as if the plate wasn't even there.

The AR9000 is a quick-coupling harness for front snowplow and side wing, to be installed on a truck. So equipped, the truck can be used as a snowplow and quickly return to its usual function after snow clearing.

Front harness and push arms coupling and decoupling is accomplished in mere minutes. It is a simple, quick and very secure operation. As the original designer of the quick coupling mechanism, Côté is the only manufacturer that has thought to fabricate a column edger with a quick hydraulic coupling mechanism. Available as optional equipment, this column edger will allow you to increase the versatility of your vehicle, even when it's time to lower your blades.

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