Snow Plow



With its sturdy structure and its moldboard with facet-folded shape, the JC5000 clears the snow as only Côté equipment can. Its full-tilt moldboard mechanism eliminates all twisting, thanks to its unique Côté tipping system that can attain 56°, allowing it to clear obstacles up to 7 inches (18 cm) in height. Côté is the only manufacturer with a side wing that can come up quickly and securely.

The JC5000 can come up very close to your cabin. Its end course finishes smoothly, thanks to its "internal actuator" braking system, unique to Côté. The lifting action slows down at the end of its course, preventing possible and serious damage to the cabin and lowering your operator's stress level.

Several options are available for the JC5000 side wing: one-piece, tungsten carbide wear blade, carbide shoes and side protectors, vision column with automatic locking mechanism when lifting the blade. As an additional option, you can get the vision column equipped with an air-actuated actuator allowing you to lock or unlock your vision column.

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