Asphalt Dump Body



When you need to undertake asphalt repair work, you can trust the CÔTÉ BA100 insulated dump body, the most requested in the market. Thanks to its highly fire-resistant insulation, most of our BA100 models can be optionally connected to the truck’s exhaust system. Through the dump body’s internal passageways, the exhaust heat is uniformly distrib- uted throughout the sides, which increases its heat retention capabilities. To provide the utmost flexibility for the various needs of our customers, we have taken great care in designing the BA100. In order to offer a totally reversible dump body, you now have the possibility of simply sli- ding your BA100 into the existing dump body of your truck, or mount it on any other type of chassis without having to do major modifications. This represents a sizable economy when the BA100 has to be installed on several vehicles, according to need.

Many options are available for configuring your BA100. Signaling arrows, connection to the truck’s exhaust system, electric valves, etc.

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