The HR300 allows for the rapid coupling of the front snowplow from the inside of the cabin. allowing the operator to start working in seconds. (Please note that certain mechanical configurations will require external maneuvers.) The rear column with fast manual coupling can be removed in only minutes. You only need to remove the two pins which keep it in place and then uncouple the push-arms. (This maneuver may require the use of a hoist or similar apparatus.)

The front column is equipped with a pivot. When the side wing is not coupled to the harness. all you have to do is remove one pin and the column will tilt in order to free the needed space to lift the hood of the truck for routine mechanical mainte- nance. The same maneuver can be accomplished when the side wing is attached to the hamess. by removing the same pin and by lifting the front of the wing.

Many options are avallable for configuring your HR300 harness:

  • Valves with pneumatic, cable or electro-hydraulic controls.
  • Extemal valve endosure, side blade lighting.
  • Pump, driven by: crankshaft, power takeoff (PTO), power steering or belt.
  • Oversize hydraulic reservoir.
  • Soft-Plow system.
  • Rear column with border trimmer.
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