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Our KL6000 Model, is specially designed for clearing snow off sidewalks, it can be adapted on series: 5010N/20N, 5310N/20N/25N & 5510N/20N/25N tractors. The plow is available in the following widths: 5, 6, 7, and 8 ft. Available as an option, a horizontally-pivoting shaft, allowing the plow angle to adjust with the sidewalk surface.


The HM7000 Model, is a front harness that may be adapted on tractor series: 6000/10/20 & 7000/10/20. The side wing is only available for series 7020 / 7420 / 7520 & 7610. With this type of equipment on your tractor, your work will be quite easy and fast.


The AR9000 Model, is a quick-connecting harness for front snow plows with side wing or snowblower. It is designed for Series 7720 / 7820 / 7920. In less than 15 minutes, you can interchange both types of equipment.

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