H700 Grader


The H700 serial is a quick coupling harness for side wing, completely installed at the back of the loader. It can then remove more snow and go in places where it would be narrow for a truck such as dead end, crescents, etc... This equipment is adaptable to all trademarks of loaders and graders.

This overall picture of the front column shows the quick coupling mechanism of the wing to the slide and also its locking system.The coupling of the wing is done in a few minutes and in a safe way. The front column is not fixed to the frame of the loader. It can be removed at any time and no part is left on the vehicle. Thus, your equipment does not lose any market value at time of resale.

The rear attachment does not modify in any way the towing mechanism and the overload plates of the loader. So, your equipment is not affected in its primary function for which it has been purchased.

The rear column is fixed like the front column. You must only remove a few bolts for everything to be clear. The oil tank (not illustrated on the pictures) for our hydraulic circuit can be removed as easily as the front and rear columns.

When the wing is lifted to its maximum, it is not far off the exterior of the loader. Once the wing is uncoupled, the rear and the front columns are inside the tires of the loader so it may return to its regular operation.

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